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Good dental hygiene is important not only to your mouth, but for your whole body. You can benefit from our dental services for an accessible cost through Denplan. Spread out payments, so you can get the service you need now and pay over a more manageable period. Take the stress off, and smile.

Learn about the possibilities of Denplan - a healthy smile is closer than you think!

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Whether you need a routine cleaning or a dental emergency procedure, the Denplan payment programme covers services such as:

- routine examinations

- x-rays

- cleanings

- fillings

- crowns, bridges and dentures

Denplan covers your needs

Receive accessible dental treatment with a manageable payment plan through DenPlan. The programme covers all routine treatments and clinically necessary procedures. Benefit from our wide range of services at The Corner Dental Practice.


Learn about our focus on preventative dentistry for long-term health results.

Find your healthy, happy smile

Whether you need a dentistry service for yourself or your whole family, Denplan offers an efficient and helpful system for managing your payments. Speak to someone in our office today about how Denplan can benefit you and your teeth. Great dental care can be affordable!

Stretch out payments for an easier way to get dental care now

Quality dental care is attainable

Denplan Care covers routine and clinically necessary treatments, but not cosmetic dentistry.


Also, treatment that involves a dental laboratory is only partially covered.


For crowns, bridges and dentures, it is the responsibility of the patient to cover the costing for the item's construction, which is typically around a third of the full private cost, but this can vary.

Clinically necessary treatment